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Kangzhixing medical nursing bed

Kangzhixing medical nursing bed

Product Details

KX-S202 medical nursing bed

Optional parameters;

1. Be economical

The electric nursing bed is more practical than the manual nursing bed, but the price is several times that of the manual nursing bed (five or six thousand) and even the full-featured has reached hundreds of thousands. This factor should also be considered when purchasing.

2, single shake two fold, double shake three fold, four fold, etc.

This is suitable for some patients with fracture recovery, and for long-term bed rest patients. It is convenient for special patients to sleep, study, and entertain.

3, with toilet and shampoo foot washing device, urine wet alarm, etc.

These devices are conducive to a patient's usual self-cleaning care and incontinence patients, which is conducive to patient care. Welcome to consult.