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Medical medical bed

Medical medical bed

Product Details

KX-S205 medical nursing bed

Back anti-skid

As the sitting angle of the human body continues to increase, the side plates move inwardly in a semi-enclosed form to prevent the caregiver from dumping to one side when sitting.

No back extrusion

During the process of backing, the back back plate slides upward, and the back plate is relatively static with respect to the back of the human body, so that the back can be truly uncompressed.

Inductive toilet

When the user drops 1 drop of urine (10 drops, according to the user's situation), the potty is opened in about 9 seconds, and an early warning is issued to remind the user of the caregiver to be dynamic and clean.

Toilet function

The electric potty is opened, and the time is only 5 seconds. With the function of the back and the curved leg, the human body can stand up and down, and it is convenient for the caregiver to clean up.

Shampoo function

The hair washing function can be realized by removing the mattress at the head position of the paralyzed patient care bed and embedding it in a special shampoo basin equipped with a paralyzed patient care bed, in conjunction with a certain angle of the back function.