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Medical medical bed

Medical medical bed

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KX-S232 medical nursing bed

The multi-functional nursing bed is based on the pain of the patient's bedridden for many years. It adopts a unique double-folded structure, and the bed surface is a special cushion structure, so that the bed surface can be adjusted to a flat or horizontal space. The utility model has a functional nursing bed such as a lifting device and a toilet bowl (a flushable closed type reducing indoor odor) device, and the nursing bed side adopts a unique design as a physiotherapy magnetic pad, which has a health care function, can stimulate blood circulation, improve the nursing level, and improve the quality of life of the patient. Solved a series of difficult problems in nursing. The multi-functional nursing bed is not the exclusive product of the hospital. Now it also produces a nursing bed designed in a home style. It has gradually entered the family and played a big role in home care.