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Medical bed procurement

Medical bed procurement

Product Details

KX-S301 medical nursing bed


1. Detachable multi-function dining table, when you finish eating, you can remove the bottom of the pusher bed;

2, equipped with a waterproof mattress, the liquid can not penetrate the surface layer and easy to wipe, long-term maintenance of the bed surface is clean and hygienic, breathable, easy to clean and disinfect, no odor, comfortable and durable.

3, stainless steel double-section infusion stand, users can make drip at home, more convenient for users and caregivers.

4, detachable bed head, easy for the nursing staff to wash the head, wash the feet, massage and other daily care.  

5, wired remote control device, you can easily adjust the posture of the north and the foot, you can use the call device in the wired remote control device to solve the user's urgent needs anytime, anywhere.

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