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Medical medical care bed manufacturers

Medical medical care bed manufacturers

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KX-S302 medical nursing bed

Types of multifunctional nursing beds

The multi-functional nursing bed is divided into three categories: electric, hand-cranked and general nursing beds according to the patient's existing condition.

First, multi-function electric nursing bed

The multi-function electric nursing bed can be divided into five functional electric nursing beds, four-function electric nursing beds, three-function electric nursing beds and two-function electric nursing beds according to the number of imported motors. Its main features are also motor, process design and luxury configuration equipment, such as European guardrail, aluminum alloy guardrail, operating remote control, full brake central control casters, etc., generally suitable for critically ill patients with serious medical conditions.

Second, multi-function hand care bed Multi-function hand care bed according to the number of rockers, generally can be divided into luxury multi-function three-shake nursing bed, two shake three-fold bed and single shaker. Its main features are the rocker device and configurable different accessories, such as with a potty device, reasonable process design and different materials, etc., generally applicable to each department of the hospital inpatient department.

Third, the general care bed, the general care bed, that is, the straight bed / flat bed, depending on the situation, can include a simple bed such as a hand shaker, generally applicable to hospitals and clinics.