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Medical bed

Medical bed

Product Details

KX-S303 medical nursing bed

Multi-functional care bed specifications

First, the specifications of the electric nursing bed are ergonomically identifiable: 2150*1000*520/720mm.

Second, the multi-function manual shaker specifications are generally set according to the luxury three-function nursing bed and two functional specifications: 2150*1000*520/720mm, 2150*1000*520mm.

Third, the ordinary nursing bed can also include a two-function hand shaker and a flat bed, the specifications are conventionally set as: 2020*900*500mm.


First, the scope of application of multi-function electric bed: the prevention and treatment of the three major complications of long-term bedridden patients.

Second, the scope of the hand-cranked bed: general ward, and can adjust the tilting height of the bed.

Third, the scope of general hospital bed: general ward.