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Which medical care bed is good?

Which medical care bed is good?

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KX-837 medical nursing bed

Medical beds can also be called medical beds, medical beds, nursing beds, etc., which are beds used by patients when they are hospitalized. The main use occasions include major hospitals, township health centers, and community health service centers.

There are many types of medical beds , specifically the following classification methods: according to the material, can be divided into ABS medical beds, all stainless steel medical beds, semi-stainless steel medical beds, all-steel spray plastic medical beds.

According to the function, it can be divided into electric medical beds and manual medical beds. Among them, electric medical beds can be divided into five-function electric medical beds and three-function electric medical beds. Manual medical beds can be divided into double-shake medical beds and single shakes. Medical beds, flat medical beds.

According to the movable position, it can be divided into a pulley medical bed and a right angle medical bed, wherein the electric medical beds are generally movable pulleys.

In addition, there are other special features of the bed, such as: ultra-low three-function electric bed, home care bed, bed with bed, scald bed, rescue bed, mother and child bed, crib, children's bed, ICU monitoring bed, diagnosis Check the bed and so on.