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Medical stainless steel bed head supply

Medical stainless steel bed head supply

Product Details

Product Name: Stainless steel bed head

Product specifications: 950*530/430mm

Packing: 980*560mm

Product Name: Ba Le Meng style bed head

Product specifications: 900*540/470mm

Packing: 930*570mm

material: plastic

Product Name: In-line bed head

Product specifications: 950*430mm

Packing: 980*460mm

material: plastic

New process ABS bed headboard

1. It is made of high-quality ABS new material mold at one time, no added material, bright color, smooth surface and easy to clean.

2. It combines two processes of blow molding and injection molding, which is more durable and durable than ordinary blow molding or injection molding, and the net weight can reach 6.5kg or more.

3. LOGO place We use ABS gusset to avoid the disadvantage of the traditional process of self-adhesive in the thermal environment.