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Stainless steel fully enclosed storage transporter

Stainless steel fully enclosed storage transporter

Product Details

Product Name: Stainless steel fully enclosed storage transporter

Product specifications: L900*W600*H800mm

Packing: 1100*620*690mm

1. Made of high quality imported stainless steel SUS304# material.

2. The whole frame structure is used, the four sides are completely sealed, and the welding is firm and beautiful.

3. The bottom of the laminate is encrypted with ribs to ensure safe and reliable load.

4. Large capacity, fully sealed, can effectively guarantee items

5. Humanized with rounded armrests for easy orientation, easy to push and pull items

6. The upper door panel adopts left and right translation type, which is convenient and beautiful to use.

7. The bottom is made of silent anti-winding load casters, which is easy and stable to implement, flexible in steering, quiet and silent when moving, good shock absorption, with self-brake device

★8. Packing, storage and transportation pictograms comply with GB/T 191-2000

★9. Mechanical properties test of furniture, cabinet strength and durability meet GB 10357.5-1989

★10. Stainless steel medical equipment, corrosion resistance and durability in line with YY/T0149-2006

★11. Provide the standard number for filing with the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau

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