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Stainless steel tipping bucket delivery vehicle

Stainless steel tipping bucket delivery vehicle

Product Details

Detailed introduction:

Product Name: Stainless steel tipping bucket delivery vehicle (60 grids)

Product specifications: L600*W450*H900mm

Packing: 700*420*800mm

1. The stainless steel tipping bucket delivery vehicle is made of Yukou stainless steel SUS304# material.

2. The four-column adopts Φ22*1.2 pipe, the layer plate adopts 1.0 thick plate, and the welding is firm and beautiful.

3. Stainless steel tipping bucket The medicine hopper can be divided into upper and lower layers or combined into one layer by rotation.

4. One end has a round armrest handle, easy to push and pull.

5. With two active medicine cells, it can be put in and taken out for easy operation.

6. The bottom is made of silent anti-winding casters, which is easy and stable to implement, flexible to move, quiet and silent when moving, good shock absorption, with self-brake device

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