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Diagnostic bed factory direct sales

Diagnostic bed factory direct sales

Product Details

KX-005A examination bed

Detailed introduction:

Product Name: Electric examination bed

Product specifications: L1900*650*500/800mm

Packing: 1920*660*560mm

product manual:

1. The electric diagnostic bed is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by surface painting; it is certified by PONY environmental protection, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, mildewproof and fade-resistant. After oil-proof and rust-proof, electrophoretic primer and electric baking, the adhesion reaches one level, does not fall off, and does not rust. Better protect the health of patients.

2, electric diagnostic bed special mattress, thickness 50mm, jacket with tarpaulin, with breathable, moisture permeable, mildew, wear-resistant, sponge can provide environmental testing documents.

3. The function of the electric diagnostic bed mattress is realized by motor control. The back lift is 0-75 degrees, the overall lifting height range is 500-800, and it can be controlled and controlled within the adjustment range. The control switch adopts the pedal type contact switch, which is easy to use. .

Material: steel spray

Standard configuration: 1 set of motor, 1 mattress (optional color)

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